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Indian or Vedic Astrology

Western & Indian Astrology Western Astrology and the Vedic Tradition sisters under the sky. A new era of collaboration.

Books & Movies

Why were so many computer geniuses born in 1955? Why were so many computer geniuses: Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Tim Berners-Lee born in 1955?

Delving into the astrology behind Harry Potter How author, J K Rowling practised astrology while writing her first Harry Potter book.

Delving into the astrology behind Harry Potter Where does Astrology come into the Harry Potter tales?

Master & Commander Master and Commander - the Movie. For more about the significance of Captain Jack Aubrey's role and the chart of Russell Crowe, inspirational leadership and the film Gladiator, the coincidence of the movie, "M & C" with the unprecedented and powerful Mars/Uranus conjunction of 2003 go to

Serendipity - the movie about destiny Serendipity [2001] - a great movie with a powerful message about fate and destiny dressed up in a simple, predictable, romantic tale.

How Lynn Redgrave researched her role as an astrologer and wife of a brilliant pianist in the award-winning film 'Shine' (1996).

Five Star - the Movie [2002] Five Star [2002] - One man's journey to disprove astrology leads him to find three people born at the same time and place: his time twins.

Social Networking

The horoscope for Facebook Astrology of Facebook. Search for an identity. Single Dimension of Twitter or Multi-Dimensional Facebook + analysis of FB's horoscope.


10,000 ton meteorite impacts the Earth and a massive Asteroid passes inside the Earth's geosynchronous orbital ring on 15 Feb.2013 Chelyabinsk meteor 15 Feb.2013. 10K ton meteorite impacts the Earth & a massive Asteroid passes inside the Earth's geosynchronous orbital ring on the same day!


How reform of fraudulent mediums act lead to Press Hoax Reform of Fraudulent Mediums Act enhanced Consumer Protection Regulations in the UK & the EU. Hyped up by the Press.


Pluto in Capricorn spells the decline of western hegemony based on intellectual wealth and a new world order based on material wealth. Forecasts when Pluto first entered Capricorn New world order based on tangible commodities. Crisis in capitalist system.

What's the status of Pluto? Astronomers have demoted Pluto. Astrologers think not! Don't underestimate the power of the small.

Eris The largest dwarf planet named after the goddess of discord!

Significance of a Lunar Eclipse How does a Lunar Eclipse affect you and what does it look like? Includes the Saros cycle, Eclipse pics & Diana, Princesss of Wales.

The Aquarian SuperConjunction A triple conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron & Neptune in Aquarius in 2009 coincided with scientific invention, social networking & more ...

What really happened when Mars was the closest point to the Earth for 73,000 years in the long hot (European) Summer of 2003?

Beauty queen biz is getting tougher! Saturn in Libra (sqr Pluto in Cap) may be undermining the stereotypical image of the helpless beauty queen who can only be rescued by a prince.


RMS Tianic - Chart for the launchRMS Titanic Discover how a Super Moon contributed to the sinking of the Titanic & the chart for the exact time of the launch.

4th July 1776 - America's birthday. Why many astrologers prefer the Sibly chart as the Horoscope for the USA, though it is controversial.

Why Ebenezer Sibly's USA Horoscope is wrong in practice but may be right in principle.

British National Achives released shed new light on the role played by astrology in the Second World War.

Adolf Hitler's horoscope Hitler and his horoscope. Initially Hitler used astrologer, Ernst Krafft, but by 1942, Krafft fell out of favour.

History of Pluto in Capricorn coincides with shifts in power sources with a harsh reality check History of Pluto's move from Sag. to Capricorn in a time line chart. Religious scepticism followed by pragmatism. Rise & Fall of Empires: Roman, Aztec, Inca, Hispanic, Ottoman, British, American.


[Life and Times of Jim Lewis] The extraordinary life and times of Astro*Carto*Graphy pioneer and astrologer Jim Lewis.

Barack Obama's A*C*G Map of Europe Obama's 2009 European Trip & Astro*Carto*Graphy * Convergence in UK * Radically inspired in Strasbourg *Missile Crisis & Nuke Speech in Prague * Confronting history & foiled assassination in Turkey

Obama and Middle East. Obama's speech in Cairo tuned into the Aquarian planetary line-up. Religious Miracles can happen. Ingrained prejudices can soften. Societies can strive for a utopian vision. Obama's Moon MC line runs over Cairo enabling him to draw on and highlight his remarkable life story, his Muslim ancestry and his name to connect with the people.

Classic Astrocartography Examples World Astro*Carto*Graphy Study for George Bush: 5 key disaster zones... ?

How Neptune coloured GWB's experience of Katrina New Orleans shows up as a potential flood zone on George W Bush's Astro*Carto*Graphy map

[What happens to Bill in Washington?] Bill Clinton has Chiron over Washington DC and Jupiter off the coast. He was vulnerable, suffered legally but was also lucky.

Over the British Isles, Bill Clinton has Mars, Venus & Neptune. See it how it impacted his studies and activities in the British Isles.

Interview with Karen Chiarello Video [4mins 25s] Astrologer, Karen Chiarello (Equinox) interviewed on Australian Television on Astro*Carto*Graphy and the lives of celebrities.


Similarities between the astrologers who worked for Diana, Princess of Wales and the Reagans Remarkable similarities between the Diana, Princess of Wales' astrologer, Thornton and Quigley who worked for the Reagans.

Patrick Swayze RIPPatrick Swayze RIP, Sun/Pluto in Leo actor, dancer, singer-songwriter, horse-trainer and sex symbol. Chart & video clip.

How a rock star relocates using Astro*Carto*Graphy How Deep Purple & Whitesnake rock star, Dave Coverdale used Astro*Carto*Graphy to relocate to his most creative zone.

Equinox celebrity clients We guard our client confidentiality but some celebrities are open about their interest and for them simply ordering an Equinox Horoscope attracts media attention.

Born on the Aries-Taurus cusp .... "Now I come to think about it, Jack is an Aries-Taurus cusp, the same birthday as Hitler, basically"
Anjelica Houston reminisces about her 16-year relationship with Jack Nicholson. [Sunday Times Review p11 22 Feb 2009]


Astrology News & Famous Charts Was the Void of Course Moon and Mercury Retrograde a bad omen for Obama's Inauguration chart?

Obama's Horoscope For more on Barack Obama's Horoscope, his absent father, Hillary Clinton, the Kennedy mantle, his achilles heel & his ACG world map.

Palin News Sarah Palin - update. Why sudden resignation of Governorship? Dark rumours flatly denied by former AK Governor.

Was Sarah Palin out of her depth for VP? Or was she unfairly maligned? [Written by Karen Chiarello before 2008 election]

Arnold elected in the Void Moon! The Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected in the void. Originally written in 2003, with a retrospective review in 2009. Was his tenure not as expected?


How an individual can turn a disorder into part of his appeal. How does the disorder, Tourette's Syndrome manifest in a chart? Case study of Pete Bennett famous through Big Brother on UK TV.


How your Sun Sign can affect your car insurance. How your Sun Sign could affect your car insurance and risk of accident ...

Guardian article Sceptical UK national newspaper The Guardian comments on web news. Newspapers should invest in professional journalists who have a basic knowledge of the subject about which they write.


Is Astrology Divination? Is Astrology Divination? Is astrology a study, a system of divination, a method, belief system, a practice, an art or a craft?

Was Benedict's Papacy foretold over 900 years ago? Was Ratzinger's papacy foretold by an Irish mystic 9 centuries ago? Plus how on the day, Eris, planet of discord is named, the Pope dragged RC/Muslim relations back in time.

Kirk Andreas with zodiacal rose windowHistoric Andreas Church (Kirk Andreas) in the Isle of Man has a Zodiac stained glas rose window plus Celtic Crosses and Norse Rune slabs.


Is Rambo GWB's alter ego? Date Twins & Time Twins. Strange & unexpected similarities between those born on the same day or at the same time. Rocky & Bush. Lincoln & Darwin.

Boys from Brazil - Nature v Nurture Debate Latest cloning research confirms that we are more than the sum of our genes.

The Libra Effect: how psychic ability is enhanced at certain times.

Stats and Astrology Harris Poll (2003) claims 1 in 3 Americans believe in astrology, and Gallup Poll (2005) confirms ratio of women to men.

Stats and Astrology Radical Theory (2012) from Microbiologist challenges conventional theories of origin, evolution, & nature of life reports Science Direct.


A visit to William Lilly's Cottage in Diseworth where the eminent astrologer was born in 1602.

Sue Tompkins, astrologer Congratulations to Sue Tompkins (founder of the London School of Astrology [LSA]) on her excellent new book entitled "The Contemporary Astrologer's Handbook". To get a copy follow links to books ...

Congratulations to astrologer, Nicholas Campion on his Doctorate of Philosophy from the University of the West of England, awarded for a study of the 'extent and nature of contemporary belief in astrology' in the Study of Religions Department at Bath Spa University College. This is a much deserved culmination of 6 years work for this Piscean astrologer and past President of the Astrological Association.

In honour of Sydney Omarr (1926 - 2002) - celebrated US sun sign astrology columnist.

Life of Carole Golder, Astrologer The life of Carole Golder, astrologer known by millions through her writing.

United Astrology Conference Photos from the United Astrology Conference in Orlando in 2002


Does an induced birth affect a horoscope? A lady emailed me asking if her new born son would respond to the chart set for when he would have been born naturally or for the time when his (induced) birth occurred. A good question ... here are some thoughts.


New Age Exhibitions around the world New Age Festivals around the world during the year, London, Manchester, LA, Sydney, San Francisco, Philadelphia, New York, Melbourne.

Festival of Mind Body & Spirit London's Mind, Body, Spirit Festival, the world's premier new age show, move through its Saturn Return.


Einstein and Astrology What did Einstein think of astrology? How a great scientist is being misquoted by astrologers & sceptics to promote a world-view.

An analysis of the Astro*Carto*Graphy factors in the Tsunami Was there a connection between Hurricane Katrina & the Tsunami? Was it the new planet Sedna, Uranus in Pisces Astro*Carto*Graphy?

Astrological Chart for 911 The 911 Horoscope for the terrorist attack on NY & Washington DC, reveals why so much remains mysterious resulting in conspiracy theories.

Usama's Birth ChartOne source gives Osama Bin Laden's birth chart as a Leo, contra-receptive, single-minded and self-destructive? Surely not :-)

Rob Hand Astrologer The Boston Phoenix ran an article on astrologers who predicted the 911 terrorist attack which included Rob Hand & Lynne Palmer.

Line-up in Gemini & Transport Chaos May 2002 How the May 2002 planetary line-up in Gemini 'resulted' in world-wide transportation chaos as forecast on this page. Plus photos of planets.


Buy this postcard from Zazzle Bing v Wave: As the stellium of planets in Aquarius on 28 May 2009, Google & Microsoft unveiled plans for a new era of electronic messaging & social networking.   Image by Zazzle

Review of this site by Microsoft from 1997 Way back from 1997 a Microsoft reviewer went in search of the "coolest, most valuable or most interesting" sites ...


Sunday Times Rich List Surprising significant astrological pattern in the Sunday Times annual Rich List - but not as reported by the media.

Astrology and the Sugar Markets Astrology & Sugar: The price of sugar is rising to levels last seen 30 years ago. Could the present rise be connected with Saturn's return to Libra?


Canada's Horoscope Canada's phenomenal success at the 2010 Winter Olympics (14 Golds) coincided with their Jupiter Return in their 1867 chart

Birth Chart Analysis for Tiger Woods 1997An analysis of Tiger Wood's chart in 1997 before the fame. His life has gone up and down since then.

Natural World

Astrology and the Sugar Markets The increase in significant Earthquakes and seismic activity since 2009 and into 2010 has been dramatic. Is there a celestial connection?


New Logos! With the economic downturn here are some comic updates to well known corporate logos!

Here's a challenging Riddle, I devised to encourage the Aquarian spirit of thinking laterally. Only 6 out of 500 people were able to solve it!

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Robert Currey

Articles authored by Robert Currey,

D.F.Astrol.S. Cert.A*C*G Int. is a British astrologer, writer, lecturer, software designer and programmer and retailer. He specialises in Astro*Carto*Graphy. He founded Equinox in 1981 and the Astrology Shop in 1989.
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Astrology & Science

Why it is no longer acceptable to say astrology is rubbish on a scientific basis. Why it is no longer acceptable to say astrology is rubbish on a scientific basis.
How Wikipedia has been hijacked by 'guerrilla skeptics' who push an anti-astrology agenda.
Was CSICOP scientific and is CSI truly skeptical?
Philosophers who refused to look through Galileo's telescopePhilosophers who refused to look through Galileo's Telescope
Problems with testing astrological practice under strict scientific methodsProblems with testing astrological practice under strict scientific conditions
Why Randi cannot be trusted to be impartial.Illusionists are for entertainment, not to feign or undermine science.
Shawn Carlson test of astrologyU-Turn in Carlson's Double-Blind Astrology Experiment
How and why astrology became outcast from mainstream thinking.How and why Astrology became an outcast from the mainstream
Bias can infect even top scientists and journals.Scepticism can be used to justify institutional bias even among respected scientists and journals.
How constellations are different from Signs of the ZodiacHow the Signs of the Tropical Zodiac differ from the constellations of the Astronomical Zodiac and why there are 12 signs.
Sunday Times article on Percy Seymour's new Book Scientific Proof of Astrology.Sunday Times article on Percy Seymour's new Book Scientific Proof of Astrology
Is there a known mechanism for astrology and if not is this grounds to debunk it?Is there a known mechanism for astrology and if not can it be dismissed?
Was Kepler a sceptic or an astrologer or both?Was astronomer and mathematician, Johannes Kepler a sceptic or an astrologer or both?
How an evangelical magazine tried to debunk astrology using science!
Secrets behind a Test of Astrology by illusionist Derren Brown
Why some anti-astrologers abandon science, logic, evidence checking & critical thinking to push their beliefs & distaste.
Test of Astrology for Nobel LaureatesTests of Nobel Laureates by Sun Signs. Interesting correlations, but many artefacts in such a basic test.
How Character is contextual and terms need to be defined specifically.Why psychological profiles cannot be relied upon for projections or even current assessments

Birth Charts

John F Kennedy's HoroscopeJohn F Kennedy An analysis of his birth chart.
PM Gordon Brown's HoroscopeGordon Brown former British Prime Minister, Birth chart.
Bill Gates' HoroscopeBirth Chart for Bill Gates' billionaire, philanthropist & software pioneer.
Tim Berners-Lee HoroscopeBirth Chart for Sir Tim Berners-Lee inventor of the World Wide Web.


Moon Void TablesMonthly Table to calculate when the Moon is Void-of-Course and what it means
What is a Blue Moon?What is the significance of a Blue Moon? Photos of a Blue Moon partial eclipse on New Year's Eve 2009/2010 (GMT).
Lunar Calendar Information Facts and figures about the Moon Phase Cycles and how they can be mapped.
Lunar Lore - myth or truth, lore or law?Some evidence, theories and lunar lore about how the Moon impacts life on Earth.
How astrology and the lunar calendar featured on a popular TV series: Midsomer Murders.Astronomy and astrology merge in an episode of a popular British TV series Midsomer Murders entitled Written in the Stars.
How astrology and the lunar calendar featured on a popular TV series: Midsomer Murders.Midsomer Murders Part II - more pics from Celestial Episode showing the astrologer, DI Barnaby & the Equinox Moon Calendar!


Biographies Index of biographies of astrologers and researchers including Charles Harvey, Suitbert Ertel, Zane Stein, Michel Gauquelin
Michel Gauquelin BioBiography of researcher into astrology Michel Gauquelin written by Professor Hans Eysenck.
Michel Gauquelin & Hans EysenckEvidence of collaboration between Michel Gauquelin & eminent psychologist, Hans Eysenck.
Biography of Charles Harvey, astrologer Biography of Charles Harvey, astrologer, teacher and author.
Biography of Professor Suitbert Ertel Biography of Professor Ertel, investigator into Gauquelin's studies and other claims.
Biography of Zane Stein Zane Stein, astrologer and centaur specialist.


Astrological glyphs or symbols listed by sign and by planet

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