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Sarah Louise Heath Palin
Born 16.40 11th February 1964 Sandpoint, ID, USA
Asc:19 Leo   Sun:22 Aquarius   Moon:4 Aquarius
For an update on Sarah Palin.
Article written 1st October 2008 by Karen Chiarello My first thought when I pulled up Sarah Palin’s birth chart was “who is deceiving her?” I had only to see that Sun/Mars/Descendent from 19-23 degrees Aquarius and realise she is living the dream – or is it delusion?

The normally logical, sensible, clear-headed Aquarian is getting a taste of what it is like to be Neptunian and live in a rose-coloured dream, not to be able to discern what other people’s motives are and perhaps to feel very “open”. Unfortunately for her, this is being played out on centre stage for the world to watch. If this were a client who came to the stand to buy a chart, I’d leave them with one thought… “If it looks too good to be true, it probably is, and whatever you do, get a grounded friend to double-check everything”. Clearly Sarah Palin is in need of a good friend.

Sarah Palin is an Aquarian in more ways than one. Looking at her chart, she has two conjunctions in Aquarius: Moon/Mercury in the 6th house and also the Sun/Mars/Saturn conjunct the Descendent in the 7th.
One of the dominant themes of her birth chart is that of a warrior, one who champions a cause, or one who leads the way towards championing the cause. A woman warrior, who is fighting against the dominant male authority, aligning herself easily with the feelings of the people, and battling tirelessly. She will fight in a conventional verbal type of arena. This makes her a woman of words and ideals, an excellent communicator as well as a woman of determined and sustained action. But with that moon conjunct mercury, she can engage people’s feelings as well as her own. She will communicate on an emotional level, although it won’t be soft and watery… it is still Aquarian and will come out in a seemingly logical way. But her thoughts and emotions are never far apart. She will look out for the group, the masses, the commonwealth so to speak. She is someone with stamina who can go the distance when needed. With that strong Mars, she is a fighter, … one who will readily engage in one-on-one battle of wits. It might be a good chart for a lawyer or reporter who wants to challenge the powers that be. And with all that fixity in her chart, she won’t back down and will be slow to change.

She likes to have control and order to her thoughts and feelings. There is a little bit of the nitpicker in her regarding this. The constant striving to “get it perfect”, keep her house in order, and she her home and work probably are mixed.

The Aquarian emphasis, whilst we think of it being “different” can actually be quite conventional unless there is a strong Uranus somewhere in the chart. And in her chart there isn’t’.

She is Leo rising… a natural star – always wanting to be centre of attention. This is wonderful for being on the stage, great for leading the way, guiding her people. Aside from the generational planets, she is all fire and air. Someone who burns hot and fast… but can burn out if she’s not careful.

So, this sounds like a great chart for someone who will lead the nation with all that Aquarian equality with the fire to champion the people’s causes. But what is happening to her now?

A deeper look at the chart shows us her shadow side. Because the shadow is so different in many ways from the rest of her chart, it makes it more likely to be buried and will only challenge her when transited or activated. It is the antithesis of Aquarius: Neptune which is square the Sun/Mars/ASC/DEC. And this could be a problem for someone who is so heavily air/fire laden. Neptune brings in the cloud… dissolves the boundaries… makes things not as they seem. It brings a need for compassion, for working for the collective. It is not a fighter, but a lover. And whilst her chart is all about boundaries, self determination and stamina – Neptune is about merging with the collective, stepping into other people’s shoes, and “going with the flow”. She has these two qualities juxtapositioned in such a way that the Neptunian energy will undermine her if she doesn’t actively engage it. If she doesn’t use it positively she risks being undermined or deceived.

With this combination in a chart, it is common to have a highly variable sense of self worth and a fragile ego, which might not be readily seen by the outside world. For her, it is either “I am everything” or “I am nothing”. I would expect that Sarah Palin has had to create a public image of herself as a strong, tough woman who has a relentless pursuit of fairness, equality and high morals. The danger is that she ends up using only that side of herself and ignoring the softer, more compassionate side. This feisty warrior side can mask her the self-doubt that can plague her at times. A steadfast warrior, holding to her guns and not wavering. The public won’t see that she can have periods of depression, which she might mask as illness or tiredness. They won’t see that she worries she isn’t good enough. They also won’t see that she is prone to deception, either being lead by others or leading others herself. This is a part of her makeup, which she probably disdains. What we dislike in ourselves is what we rally against more vehemently on the outside. With a shadowy Neptune, it is therefore no surprise she ousted corruption in her state government. She naturally plays on her strengths with her ability to communicate and her “star quality”.

But this approach ignores the shadow. And if one doesn’t engage their shadow side, it will raise its head and engage from the outside. This is what is happening to her now.

Right now, she is getting a firm dose of Neptune and has been for months now. She is running with a very powerful and perhaps dangerous group of individuals who have played on her very weakness. They have offered her the position as presidential running mate, a huge boost to her ego, and somehow convinced her that she has the qualifications to be Vice President - and she has believed them. But I fear that she is being played, and it will have serious consequences for her health and well-being.

Looking at her transits alone, she is at risk of being taken for a ride. I actually feel quite bad for her. She has been chosen for the highest office in the land, but not for the reasons she thinks. What is the real Republican agenda? Who knows? Maybe it is “let’s choose the most unqualified woman, so we can say we’ve chosen a woman, then we’ll get her to back out for family reasons and bring in our man at the last minute”… discredit women in office in general. Maybe it was to bring McCain “to the people”… she cleared out corruption in Alaska... people like that kind of thing. I don’t know what the Republican agenda is, and that really isn’t important.

What is important for her right now is to be honest with the public. If she really wants to be on the national stage, and wants to be VP, she will have to turn the tables on the people who have brought her in for their own gains. She will have to be her whole self – insecurities and all. Show her vulnerability, show that she is actually out of her area of expertise But that she is willing to work to gain the needed expertise.

Instead, what she is doing now, is using that Neptune square to deceive… to try to pull the wool over people’s eyes…and it won’t work. She is trying to pretend she is more qualified than she is, but it will only lead to disaster. Instead, I would advise her to engage the positive side of the energy… use it for compassion. Gain the compassion of the people to help them see that she doesn’t have a clue why they really chose her but that she is going to make the best of it and get to work learning about banking, economics, foreign affairs etc. To dedicate herself to becoming the best leader she can be. Instead of putting herself forward as already qualified for the job, showing herself to be a servant of the country. She has to show she has the ability to learn quickly, to change and grow, and that that is her strength… not what she has already done. For a fixed person, this is a challenge in itself. It is not easy for someone with her chart to show humility or to show that they do not know what they are doing but that they can learn.

This reminds me of someone else brought in to lead the country… someone who was clearly not cut out for the job, but who could be easily manipulated. The current president. Anyone see a parallel here? Someone who had no foreign experience… no real intention of being on the national stage… a guy who was happy hunting and fishing… BUT who got sucked in to being the front man for someone else’s agenda. He took the rap when things didn’t go as planned… a puppet on a string. Sarah Palin is in danger of being another puppet.

If I were her friend, I would seriously wonder why she was chosen. Take a good look at the situation and realise that she is at risk of becoming a pawn in a grander scheme run by people who have been running schemes for a long time. And then advise her, “if it is too good to be true, it probably is”.

Karen Chiarello 1st October 2008

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