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The Dwarf Planet: Eris, Xenia or UB313
Finally, astronomers have named the largest dwarf planet: Eris
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Astronomers have named the recently discovered dwarf planet Eris, after the goddess of discord.  Once known by NASA as the tenth planet, Eris was first observed on 5th January 2005. Initially, classified as object UB313, the discoverers nicknamed it Xena, after the warrior princess in the US TV series. Their reasoning was that they had always wanted to name something Xena! The name Eris, assigned on 12 September 2006, comes from the Greek goddess of strife and disharmony.

Eris named in times of Strife and Discord

The planetary naming, perhaps intentionally, coincided with the disagreement within the astronomical community over the status of this planet and planets in general resulting in a new artificial classification. Being slightly larger than Pluto and having a moon, Eris seemed destined to be classified as a planet. However, after hot debate among astronomers, the IAU reclassified both planets as dwarf planets. One affirmation of the choice of name, was that on the day it was officially named, Pope Benedict made a highly controversial speech which caused outrage among Muslims.

Eris's moon, Dysnomia meaning lawlessness.

On 10th September 2005, a moon was discovered orbiting Eris. Originally, the moon was nicknamed, Gabrielle, after Xena's sidekick. It has now been officially named, 'Dysnomia' after the daughter of Eris. The name translated from Greek means lawlessness.

Update! I recently noticed that Eris is conjunct Richard Dawkin's Sun in Aries. Now, that fits with theme of stirring up trouble for one of the most controversial individual this century.
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