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An Astrologer's perspective on Tiger Woods
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Tiger Woods Tiger keeps hitting the headlines and not just for his golfing prowess. He is a fast becoming a controversial figure and as Pluto approaches his Neputune in Sagittarius, an icon for a whole generation who are reaching adulthood. Here's some thoughts on why Tiger will become such a uniquely placed individual in the next century.
The Phenomenon of Tiger Woods

Anyone who saw the 1997 US masters golf tournament at Augusta couldn't fail to be touched by the sheer talent, the cool competitiveness and sporting attitude of Tiger Woods. To have broken so many records at the age of 21 will take some living down. It's hard to see where he can go from here.

Sporting Angels or Devils

From the astrological point of view, Pluto in Sagittarius has revolutionised many sports: [soccer, baseball, rugby, horse-racing...]. The lives of sports men (in particular) has gained powerful media coverage: the OJ Simpson embroglio, Micheal Jordan (who flies like an angel (or eagle?) in Space Jam) & Michael Johnson (200 metres world record), English soccer bribery scandals, Will Carling and the Princess of Wales.... for better and for worse. Now the supposedly sedate, suburban, white, middle-class world of golf* is being turned upside down by a young man of mixed Afro-American, native American and Thai origins. [Self styled as a Cablinasian and why not?]

Some astrologers will argue that this change is accounted for by the 'social levelling factor' created by Uranus in Aquarius. And this might be true, but the arena of sports is more of a Sagittarian place than an Aquarian one. Changes in our consciousness are occurring through behaviour in sport. Sports people have become the key players in influencing how we play the game of life and even down to how we dress.

Back to Tiger... He is part of this evolutionary change and this is supported by the position of his Moon and Neptune in Sagittarius. As his Neptune is being activated by sign, he is starting to capture the world's imagination. But like anyone with a bit of Sag. he has his message to pass on to us.

Tiger's Horoscope - angelic qualities?

When he was young, Tiger's mother commissioned his horoscope from a Thai Buddhist monk - who confirmed that she had given birth to an 'angel'. His was born on 30th December 1975 at 10.50pm at Long Beach, CA.

Though I couldn't see angelic qualities in the chart, Tiger has the classic sport star signature of Mars at the Midheaven. (So well documented by the tireless work of Michel & Francoise Gauquelin). Moreover Mars is placed in Gemini - a sign connected with the use of the hands and arms. Perhaps he could have been a tennis star, but.. Mercury (co-ruler of his Gemini Midheaven and Virgo Ascendant) - and a key indicator to manual dexterity is opposed by Saturn. Not only does this give him the patience to practice ceaselessly, but it gives his mind and abilities a more controlled and studied approach to his sport. While tennis calls for more spontaneity in reaction to others, Golf requires more inner preparation for each stroke. Often it is a game where you are pitting your wits against yourself. This fits in with the disciplined and slowing effect of Saturn and the strong cardinal (initiating) planets in his chart.

Inner strength from family support.

The supportive role of Tiger's family is well marked in the chart with the Moon at the IC, the Sun in Capricorn in the 4th house and Mars at the midheaven. However there may be a philosophical divergence (affecting both location and finance) with his father around 1999 on Tiger's Jupiter return (aged 24). Tiger has the Sun square the powerfully ambitious combination of Jupiter and Pluto. No wonder, he stirs up such stong emotions and is so strongly motivated. He has a mission, but he doesn't know it yet.

* Footnote: Don't get me wrong about my comments about golf as a country-club game, it is a deeply spiritual sport. Astrologer Tadd Mann who plays off an 8 handicap, put me onto Golf in the Kingdom by Micheal Murphy [Penguin Arkana]. Highly reccommended as a tale of sport and mysticism. There's even a chapter on the golfer's zodiac.

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