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Feeling tense, nervous? Maybe it's a Full Moon ... or even a Lunar Eclipse!

A major turning point but not for everyone.
The Eclipsed Full Moon can be a major turning point. However, it does not have a strong impact on everyone or effect everyone of the same sign in the same way. The key is if the Eclipse falls on a significant point in your chart.

An Eclipse can be uncomfortable.
When any Eclipse hits a sensitive point on you chart, you are likely to face circumstances that make you conscious of this part of your psyche. If it is a difficult or repressed sub personality, the experience can be very uncomfortable and even humiliating. People reveal a side to you that you may not like.

Insecurity and Uncertainty whether to push or pull
You are pulled in different directions. For example, your career or romance or children require your attention and your mother, your partner or your home needs your support and care. A typical experience is being uncertain whether to be active or passive, to push forward or to pull back, to act or to respond.

What you set up or started 15 days before, at what might have been an Eclipsed New Moon, is now being challenged, questioned or checked. An option or an objection has emerged that never occurred to you. Or your actions over the past fortnight are now causing a reaction. If your Sun and Moon are in difficult aspect in your Natal Chart (see Equinox Character Portrait), then you are someone whose actions often result in contrary or unfavourable reactions. So for such people a negative reaction is very likely. If your Sun and Moon are both well aspected and fit in with the nature of your chart, you will find the Eclipse easier to handle on the day.

True significance only apparent afterwards.
With an Eclipse (both Solar and Lunar), what occurs on the day is likely to appear insignificant. It may be more symbolic or an event that has far reaching consequences that cannot be seen at the time. You could meet someone who later becomes significant or receive a letter that has news that alters the future. It is only when you look back at when a new era, relationship, stage, course, direction began that the significance of the eclipse date becomes clear.

Ths Saros Cycle of Eclipses
Eclipses fall in a regular pattern and it has been known since the Babylonians, they they repeat over an 18 year cycle (18 years, 11 days and 8 hours) known as the Saros Cycle. Each Saros family of eclipses last up to 1550 years and have an average of 71 eclipses before terminating. There are some 39 Saros series of Solar Eclipses and 41 series of Lunar Eclipses in effect at the moment. Each series has a number. Since an eclipse occurs when the Soon and Moon both cross the nodal axis, the Saros cycle is closely tied in with the 18-year retrograde cycle of the Nodes of the Moon.

Significant patterns within each cycle
More about the Saros Cycle and Astrology can be found in The Eagle and the Lark by Bernadette Brady. One Saros cycle triggers events around key inventions. Prince William was born on an eclipse in a Saros cycle that goes back to the birth of King Arthur. Was this event part of the pattern of eclipses that happened in Diana's life?

Diana, the Royal Family and the Eclipses
Most key events in Diana, Princess of Wales's life occurred at an Eclipse:
  1. Diana's marriage to Charles [July 29, 1981] took place two days before a solar eclipse.
  2. Diana's first son, William was born [June 21, 1982] on a solar eclipse.
  3. Diana's divorce with Charles was announced [December 9, 1992] in the Houses of Parliament on a lunar eclipse.
  4. Diana died [Aug. 31, 1997] within 24 hours of a solar eclipse [Sept. 1, 1997 at 00.04 am GMT]. For more about Nostradamus' Predictions.
  5. Diana's rival Camilla Parker Bowles and ex-husband, Charles married [April 9, 2005] within 24 hours of a solar eclipse [April 8, 2005 at 20.36 GMT].
However, these events are also significant in Prince William's life as well as his father, Charles [born 14 Nov, 1948 near the first full moon after an eclipse Nov. 1, 1948] and other members of the Royal Family.

I took these images at the Lunar Eclipse in Pisces on 3rd March 2007 (Sunday, 4th March in the Middle East, Far East and Australiasia).

Being challenged to learn how to realise the potential of your mind and your body.
As with most eclipses, this Pisces/Virgo Lunar Eclipse was a tipping point for many people. It was an oppportunity to learn something about yourself that will help you cope with life and combine your mental and bodily health. Where someone might have automatically reacted negatively to criticism, he or she can now see that the counsel is given with love.

In the Isle of Man the visibility of the Eclipse was crystal clear helped by the Island's very low light pollution. Frankly, my pocket digital camera [Fujifilm Finepix] in my hands doesn't do justice to the magnificent sight! [These are the best of 78 shots with different settings.]
For those of you who don't know what is happening at a Lunar Eclipse. This occurs at the time of the Full Moon when the disk of the Earth is aligned in between the Moon and the Sun so that the disk of the Earth casts a shadow onto the Moon.
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