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Finally revealed... USB's birth data.
Looks like Usama is a Leo!
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The attack and the US chart

So Usama is a Leo: contra-receptive, single-minded and self-destructive?
Astrologers have been uncertain about Usama bin Laden's birth date. Up until now there were 3 popular theories:
  1. 30th July 1957 - Sun Leo/Moon in Virgo Source AstroDataBank from US State Dept.
  2. 10th March 1957 - Sun Pisces/ Moon in Cancer or Leo Source AstroDataBank from Interpol
  3. 27th June 1957 - Sun Cancer/Moon in Gemini Source AstroDataBank from ex-FBI contact
Astrologer, Justin Toper, who writes for the Sunday Mirror [UK] has a reliable (though confidential source) in the Middle East who has confirmed the July birth. So it looks like the chart I favoured as the most likely candidate with Usama as a Leo, is correct.

In this chart the Sun is conjunct Uranus - suggesting that his motivation is largely an egotistical drive to go against and outdo his father's success in the capitalist world of construction in Saudi.

The Mars Pluto conjunction in Leo points to a strong destructive urge that needs a spectacular outlet. This is a chart of someone who would stop at nothing to be an heroic figure. With both the power to manage his public image to create a cult following.

Is there a reason why UBL's birth details are shrouded in mystery? Maybe it is simply time keeping in Saudi Arabia in the '50s was lax or does UBL feel that the astrologers interpreting his horoscope will help Allied forces to 'smoke him out'? So for now we have a probable date (95% certain) and no idea of the time.

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