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Arnold Schwarznegger: as the Governator
California Governship is not going to be anything like as expected at election time.
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Arnold won Governership of California (for the first time) in the Void.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, eclipsed Gray Davis at the Californian recall election when the Moon was void of course. Traditionally nothing comes of plans, actions and decisions made when the Moon is void of course.

  • Grey Davis conceded the election at 10pm on Oct 7 2003 when the moon was void.
  • The vote was officially certified on 14 November 2003 in the void.
  • Arnold was sworn in on the morning of November 17 2003 outside the void.
newly elected.The implications are that the promise and current expectations of Arnie's tenure as governor will not materialise in the way portrayed. Interestingly, Clinton was the first US President to see through the full second term of office after being sworn-in during the void [Jan 20 1997 at midday]. However, his second term turned out to be very different from the expectations of the American people who elected him. Will Arnie, also with a reputation for an eye for attractive women fall into a similar pattern of crucifixion by the press? Or will he surprise us all and surpass all expectations? At this point, he could not go on to run for the Presidency as he was born outside the USA. Could the constitution be changed to make way for him to follow the path of fellow actor, Ronald Reagan?

UPDATE! The above was written in 2003. What was not expected about his Governorship was that despite standing as a Republican, Arnie views and actions (on the environment, guns, immigration and gay rights, for example) as Governor are widely considered to be liberal.

Never underestimate the determination, ambition and potential of a Moon Capricorn like the new Governator. The press call his election a victory of image over policy. Determination brought him his body-building titles and movie success. I predict an upward path here despite the current negative publicity and patronising expectations from the press. He will rise to the role of statesman and become the model of propriety and upstanding.

Sceptics rehash old research to spin a bored press.

In spite of attempts to move with the times (or should it be The Sunday Times [UK]) with features on feng-shui etc, the Sunday Telegraph [UK] newspaper can't help but let inbred reactionary emotions and prejudice erupt in an embarrassing display. Like a rottweiler, there's always a risk that a creature will revert to type and ruin a civilized tea party. This time the Sunday Telegraph published 'sensational findings' that research on time-twins revealed that astrology is bunk [Aug 17 2003]. In fact, the journalist was completely taken in by a certain ex-astrologer and high doctor of spin, Geoffrey Dean.

The newspaper's mask of breezy, objective high vista of modern science was backed up with claims that astrologers made vasts sums of money and quoting one site as being worth £50million [$80 million]. Sorry - I know the originator of that quote - Jonathan Cainer and Jon has assured me in writing this was a light-hearted joke that the press have lapt up. If you have nothing better to do - here's the inside track on the "scoop"...

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