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Media response to the news page comments on Sedna
In a sceptical column, the Guardian newspaper wonders why astrologers failed to predict the Asian Tsunami.
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On 6th January 2005, Catherine Bennett of the Guardian (UK national newspaper and astrological sceptic) writes: "On the Astrology News website, there is already speculation that the tsunami "because it involves destruction originating from a submarine source ... appears to fall in line with the mythological themes of Sedna". Suggesting that the California Institute of Technology scientists whose decision it was, last year, to name the planet after the Inuit sea goddess, may be more competent in the divination department than all the UK's astrologers put together."

It is clear that Bennett writes about esoteric subjects without reading about them. In this instance, her superficial brush-off suggests she has not studied the writings of Carl Jung.

Jung's concept of synchronicity is that there is an acausal (non-linear) principle that links events having a similar meaning by their coincidence in time rather than sequentially. He claimed that there is a synchrony between the mind and the sensory world of perception.

Though I am not sure if every coincidence has deep meaning, the naming of a planet is a significant and symbolic event that affects the world. As such, I believe there is a connection between the choice of the name and the nature of the planet. However, I seriously doubt whether the scientist who renamed the planet Sedna after the official 2003 VB12 was using divinatory powers - perhaps just listening to his dreams. See Serendipity for more about synchronicity.

Astrologers, Neil Spencer, Jessica Adams and I wrote to the Grauniad * clarifying some basic facts in response to Bennett's article. Since these letters draw attention to the newspaper's amateur approach to the metaphysical subjects, they were not published. How can a newspaper charge people for articles written from a position of ignorance? Imagine a motor correspondent who couldn't drive!
* Grauniad is the nickname of the Guardian due to a history of typographical errors including the newspaper's own name, popularised by the satirical magazine, Private Eye.
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