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How car insurers connect driving patterns with Sun Signs
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There have been quite a few studies by insurance companies showing that Sun Signs may play a part in accident patterns. They produce entertaining publicity for the insurance company but how effective are the results? As much as I would like to see significant results showing the value of astrology, I have yet to see any study (other than those which involved scientifically trained astrologers) that takes account of the many variables.

One factor that could skew the results is the planetary transits at the time of the study. This study began six years ago when Uranus was in Aquarius, so one could expect Aquarians to rate highly. Uranus is connected with the unexpected, sudden change and the urge to break rules such as speeding or jumping a red light. Accidents would be more likely under this influence.

More recently Neptune has been in Aquarius bringing a certain amount of vagueness and neglect when concentration is required. While Saturn was in Leo, causing Leos to be more cautious and careful.

Many thanks to Astro*Live*Link astrologer, Helene Schnitzer for drawing my attention to the article.

Had a car crash? It's all in the stars, study says

Thursday December 14, 01:02 AM

By Naomi Kim

Toronto, Dec 13 (Reuters Life!)
- Never mind how careful you are behind the wheel or how long you've been driving, the signs of the zodiac may be bigger factors behind your ability to avoid car crashes - or why you have too many.

According to a study by, a Web site that quotes drivers on insurance rates, astrological signs are an important factor in predicting car accidents.

The study, which looked at 100,000 North American drivers' records from the past six years, puts Libras (born September 23 - October 22), followed by Aquarians (January 20 - February 18) as the worst offenders for tickets and accidents.

Leos (July 23 - August 22) and then Geminis (May 21 - June 20) were found to be the best overall.

"I was absolutely shocked by the results," said Lee Romanov, president of Toronto based, who also wrote the book 'Car Carma' which touches on the correlation between astrological signs and driving ability while doing the study.

Romanov originally wanted to have some fun by examining astrological signs as a possible cause for variance between insurance companies quoting high and low rates, but didn't expect to find anything interesting.

"Now, changing postal codes is far less significant to me than drivers of certain astrological signs," she told Reuters on Wednesday.

Even age, another variable for determining insurance rates, is less of a consideration to Romanov. The cutoff line for being considered a higher risk driver is 24 years of age; 25-year-olds are considered not-high risk.

"I'd rather get into a car with a 24-year-old Leo than a 25-year-old Aries," Romanov said.

Leos, described along with the study results on, are "generous and comfortable with sharing the roadway."

Aries, on the other hand, "have a'me first' childlike nature that drives Aries into trouble."

"I wasn't believing it before," said Romanov, "but I would think twice before getting into a car with an Aries."
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