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Normally, I would not reveal our celebrity clients (and we have many) or talk about any clients, but here's two with the confidence and status who were happy to make their use of our charts public.
Robert Downey Jnr. recently ordered some Equinox personal horoscopes [November 2003] and he was kind enough to mention us and his Compatibility Profile on the Frank Skinner show on UK national television. (Bless you, Robert!) Britney Spears, also is an Equinox client. She came into the Astrology Shop accompanied by a hoard of journalists.
But for press or any other enquiries, neither Barry in the shop nor I nor anyone connected with Equinox will comment on any matter relating to the content of any client's horoscope.
If you are a client in the public eye, and would be happy to be listed in our hall of fame, please let me know.

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