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Pope versus Prophet
As Eris is named after the goddess of discord, the Pope delivers highly controversial speech.
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The synchronicity of the day of discord.

On the same day, September 12, 2006 that astronomers named the recently discovered dwarf planet, Eris, after the Greek goddess of strife and discord, Pope Benedict delivered a speech that has sown the seeds for great discord between the two largest faiths, Roman Catholics and Muslims.

Benedict's approach was anticipated here.

Soon after Pope Benedict's inauguration as Pope (April, 24, 2006), I wrote on this page ...

" ... Pope Benedict will rise to the role of Pontiff and will be controversially involved in the world outside Italy.
Direct approach to Islam.
Pope Benedict's Sun (Aries) ACG setting line falls near Mecca. I expect that he will approach Catholic differences with Islam in a direct manner. As much as he is sceptical about deviating with tradition, he is equally sceptical of all forms of fundamentalism. So the new Pope is likely to be confrontational with Islamic spiritual leaders but in a way that can lead to an extraordinary spiritual accord. Will he fulfil the prophecy with an olive branch for the Muslim religion or is the choice of a German Pope an olive branch from the world to the people of Germany?"
... see full article

Well, Pope Benedict has certainly fulfilled my prediction with some Arien style, with his inflammatory quotations at the University of Regensburg on 12th September 2006. If you unravel his scholarly thesis entitled "Faith, Reason and the University Memories and Reflections", it is evident that he is not supporting this ancient condemnation of Islam and jihad. The Islamic outrage might have been mitigated had he balanced the quote about the evil nature and inhumanity of Mohammed's command to spread his faith by the sword with criticism of the means used by some fundamental Christians promote their beliefs today. For example, so-called Christian missionaries in Africa and elsewhere promote the "End of Days" or offering food and medicine in exchange for religious conversion.

In the beginning was logos - the word or logic.

The irony is that the thrust of his speech was about the special role of reason in the Roman Catholic approach to faith in God. This partly evolved through the influence of the burgeoning enlightened Greek philosophy on the Greek translation [The Septuagint] of the original Hebrew Bible from Alexandria. The Reformation led to movements which sought to go back to the original Biblical text or who stated that God could only be known through his "Divine Will". Similarly, Benedict cites Islamic approach that God is unknowable and beyond reason. [This is my loose take of a long lecture that should be read in the form of the full official translation published by the Vatican.]

The reaction of outrage throughout the Islamic world, including burning effigies of the Pope, seems to fuel the argument that reason and logic have no place in Islam. What may be more threatening for Islam is that this speech has opened a massive debate that will one day split the religion with modernists reaching an accord with Christianity and western philosophy. Questions for discussion are how can Islam be compatible with science in 21st century? What kind of God supports jihad and conversion by weapons rather than the more powerful reasoned argument?

Demoted or not, Pluto still punches above its weight.

Needless to say, this is all in line with what astrologers have expected of Pluto in Sagittarius [1995-2008]. Under threat, religious leaders are addressing their core differences. While they may seem to be opening up a rich, intellectual debate, this is a tactical operation is designed to win the moral high ground in a world increasingly polarised between the religious and the secular. This process reveals the contradictions inherent in most religions, especially in relation to science, women, homosexuality and western consumerism. For Pope Benedict, Pluto is crossing the top of his chart (Midheaven) impelling him to bring his deepest beliefs and the essence of his philosophy into the public eye. All it needed was Mars and Mercury in late Virgo/early Libra to form a square to Pluto and a platform on his relocated (AstroCartoGraphy) Jupiter rising line (Regensburg), to give him the urge to speak his mind in a clumsy and extreme way that has stirred up fury in many quarters. To see Benedict's chart.

Bendictus Benedicat

Many thoughts spring to mind. Newspaper headlines come up with "Pope on the Ropes - a holy mess". Following his apology, a Papal first, how can he also be infallible? What is a pontiff if he cannot pontificate? Despite his gaff, it is very refreshing to read intelligent analysis from a Pope who sees religion has a place alongside science and within the university. Then again, can one intellectualise God or is it something that just "is"? Interesting also, that the name Ratzinger chose, Bene dict, can means "well stated"! Though, Benedictus means the blessed one.

In the middle ages, a number of Catholic popes were intimately familiar with astrology:
  • Sixtus IV was the first pope to draw and interpret a horoscope
  • Julius II choose his coronation date astrologically
  • Leo X and Paul III relied heavily on astrologers for advice.
Source: Daily Telegraph "Twenty facts about astrology" 12/02/2002

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