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Carole Golder
Author of 8 astrological books and celebrated media astrologer.
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Carole Golder's partner, Peter has passed on this message:

"Carole's message of love to the world: Please light a candle, put a flower next to it, think of your and our special moments together, smile, feel the energy and she will be there with you forever. Go out later and give a donation to a homeless person. Tell them out loud, "This is in honour and celebration of Carole Golder's life." This is being done at the moment all over the world. Her love was, is and will be a mighty beacon of light and will shine on forever.

A Carole Golder Foundation is being organized and we would like to have your financial and creative support in the future...This Foundation will give an award to a creative person in the field of drama or writing once a year. Please send me your ideas for this Foundation. In the near future we would like to have your help to organize a memorial service in the countries where Carole and I have had the most beautiful years of our ten years together . They will be in Italy, Portugal, New York, Holland, France, Spain Dubai and England.

Please send your condolences by post only to our London address: 131 Nell Gwynn House, Sloane Avenue, London SW33AX."

Carole Golder, astrologer & author

Carole Golder, Astrologer

Very sadly Carole Golder died on 19th June 2002.

Carole was known to millions as a celebrated astrological writer.

As her partner, Peter wrote in an email to me
"She helped people through her books, columns, tv programmes and readings but now she has fulfilled her task and her life circle is completed."

After first coming into the public eye through her astrology column in the British national newspaper, the Daily Express, Carole went onto to write eight books, including 'Make the most of your Sun Sign', 'The Seductive Art of Astrology', ,'Moon Signs for Lovers', 'Carole Golders Star Signs', 'Success Through the Stars' and 'Your Stars at Work' and her final book, 'Astrology'.

Carole was very much an international figure. Her books, astrology columns and features were published on both sides of the Atlantic. Carol often appeared on TV and Radio and her Internet column 'Carole Golders Love Stars' was on AOL. As well as being a frequent visitor to New York in connection with her publisher, she also lived in different parts of Europe including many years in Italy with her partner, Peter, a gifted artist.

Besides being a talented astrologer, Carole was charming, fun to be with and essentially a very kind and gentle soul. She will be greatly missed by astrologers, clients, friends and all those who knew her.

Your light shines on, Carole!

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