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What is happening to Sarah Palin? Astrological View (Updated in 2009)
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Sarah Louise Heath Palin
Born 16.40 11th February 1964 Sandpoint, ID, USA
Asc:19 Leo   Sun:22 Aquarius   Moon:4 Aquarius
3 July 2009 News of Sarah Palin's resignation as Governor of Alaska has just broken. It came through as Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron are crossing her Sun, Mars and Saturn in Aquarius descending. The Sun is close to her North Node in Cancer and moving into a Lunar Eclipse. These signicators alone do not point to a winding down of her political ambitions, but the start of something much bigger. It is hard to see how she can run for Presidential office in 2012 without the ongoing experience, platform and kudos of being Governor. However, the triggering of her Nodal axis in the run up to a Lunar Eclipse mirroring the Total Full Moon Eclipse 6 weeks before she was born, suggests that this move is a significant step towards fulfilling her destiny. It will not be without a soul-searching family decision and some personal cost.

Sarah Palin's resignation speech as Governor of Alaska Palin has given several reasons for her apparent sudden decision and there have been some (probably scurrulous) rumours of a corruption scandal that she has flatly denied. IMO it is a huge smoke screen and this move has been carefully planned. Neptune and Jupiter (on her Descendant, Sun, Mars and Saturn) suggests we are being fed a line. I believe that SP is being groomed by powerful Republicans for the 2012 Presidency.

My theory is that SP will spend at least a year developing an image as a truly apolitical figure, promoting her autobiography (timed for release on Mothers Day 2010)* and garnering support with lectures and appearances on TV chat shows. How can she be apolitical or politically neutral? Well, I think she will try to be more of an average 'hockey mum', a woman who is a victim of the Press than trying to score political points off Obama. I think this approach will give her a wider appeal.

During this gap year or more 'off', she will study and be coached in economics, international affairs, political history etc. IMO this resignation is the start of a period where Sarah Palin is working in partnership with a team. In this sense some may consider her a pawn in an attempt to manufacture a President. This reflects many of the comments put forward in the article written in October 2008 before the last Presidential election.

After this apolitical public life endearing herself to the nation, she will try to be plucked, like Cincinnatus, to have to run 'reluctantly' for high office. "Who, moi for President?"

Article written by Robert Currey
Article written 1st October 2008 by Karen Chiarello My first thought when I pulled up Sarah Palin’s birth chart was “who is deceiving her?” I had only to see that Sun/Mars/Descendent from 19-23 degrees Aquarius and realise she is living the dream – or is it delusion? [see full article]

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Red Pen marks throughout Palin's SpeechVanity Fair Magazine edited Sarah Palin's resignation speech. Her speech dearly needed a thorough overhaul and trim. But to be fair, editing is very subjective, SP's religious tone and flourish has been cut as irrelevant and Vanity Fair's research dept editor edited the literary editor's edits! My conclusion is once again, SP needs better advisers. [Vanity Fair article]

Astrologically, Sarah P has a Moon Mercury conjunction in Aquarius which enables her to reach a wide selection of the public and touch their feelings and fears. However, Mercury is otherwise unaspected and square the MC, so her delivery needs to be refined before it goes world-wide. The difficult Mercury/Moon angle to the Midheaven/MC also accounts for the negative reaction to her public image most especially from the Press. [Mercury=communication Moon=feelings Square angle=challenge MC=public image]
Will she dance the Presidential Challenge in 2012? "You betcha!" Katie Kourick, may only have to wait a year before she is back in prime time impersonation.
Warning! Though 4.40pm has been widely circulated as Sarah Palin's time of birth, an article in the local Sandpoint Magazine by Marianne Love states:

On Feb. 11, a fire broke out at Sandpoint Motors. Friends recall that Chuck Heath, living just a few blocks away at 712 N. Fourth, went to watch Jack Parker move the cars. Later, he was summoned home by his wife, Sally, who was going into labor with the third of their four children.

That evening at 6 p.m., Dr. Helen Peterson, Sandpoint’s first female general practitioner/surgeon, delivered a 7-pound, 11-ounce baby girl. Though her legal name would be “Sarah Louise,” a light-hearted Chuck Heath told Drinkwater that he would call her “Oscar” and raise her as a tomboy.

My problem with a birth time of 6pm is that it makes Sarah Palin Virgo rising. Even slightly earlier would give a Leo ascendant (as per the time used here) - consistent with her confident and magentic appearance, her tendency to dress in bright colours, her flamboyant style and her mane-like hair. Without the actual birth certificate, this has to remain as hear-say.

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