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Tragic Devastation that touched the heart of every human being
The human cost in New York and Washington, DC is a world cost.
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Words cannot begin to describe the collective shock, horror and deep sympathy for those most affected. This is not just our feelings, it is shared by the civilised world in response to the apocalyptic events on Tuesday, 11 September. Every life is precious and special in so may ways. This grief is multiplied thousands of crossing 37 countries. As each person killed touched the lives of thousands of people, we are all connected with this tragedy. It was a day none of us will forget and all of us hopes will never repeat. I believe that it will become apparent they did not die in vain.

Yes, I feel both sad and angry too that human beings did this intentionally. And because my partner, who I hope to marry next year was half a mile from the Pentagon on that fateful morning, I was reminded in a personal way just how precious life really is.

Yes, terrorism that destroys the lives of innocent civilians lies somewhere between severe displaced anger and psychotic mass murder. Terrorists misunderstand the psychological make-up of the intelligent mind that responds positively to reason, seduction and emotion but hardens at aggression. Terrorists have been singularly unsuccessful in advancing their causes in the western world, because their target victims have always become stronger and more resolved in adversity.

Religious terrorists are not only futile but also hypocrites and a disgrace to whatever religion or god they claim to uphold. Yet, those who talk of revenge, retribution or crusade rather than justice are speaking the same language as the terrorist. It doesn't take a lot of brain cells to realise that the Old Testament "eye for an eye" soon becomes an "atom bomb for an atom bomb"! This is a time not to take out dangerous individuals but to take them out of the system by intelligent pressure and force.

But, we must still ask why? What motivated these individuals to commit such trecherous acts? I say trecherous because I believe it will become apparent that these terrorists were familiar with the American way of life.

So in the next few pages, I am going to try to account for Bush's actions and plans, what it means to America, who were these criminals and why did they do it. But in the spirit of astrology, the quest for the truth and a desire to show terrorists that life goes on and that we can rise above their consciousness, I will try to be neutral, detached from my feelings and my western perspective.

Robert Currey

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