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Astrological Analysis of September 2001 attack on the USA
How does the attack affect the chart of the United States of America?
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The United States of America
July 4th, 1776 5.10pm [17:10], Philadelphia, PA 39N57 75W09


Opportunity for Phoenix-like psychological growth out of the ashes for the USA as a result of this crisis

Astrologers have long debated the correct birth chart for the United States. The Day of Terror gives a strong argument in favour of the chart with Sagittarius Rising. Pluto the planet of destruction, transformation, crisis and fundamentalism is within half a degree of the US Sag. Ascendant. Pluto was last here in 1750s before the Declaration of Independence, so this is an unprecedented experience.

In the US chart of 1776, Pluto is in a very difficult position, retrograding opposite Mercury and the stellium in Cancer. If this was a chart for a human, I would say there is a good chance that Pluto is a repressed planet that brings crises that herald new eras. Pluto operates deep in the subconscious occasionally erupting to the surface in a disturbing way. These crises are usually tragic and always inexplicably caused by external and sometimes intensely hostile forces. For the United States, Pluto moving into this key point affecting self-image, heralds a period of enormous growth, providing the focus is not just to smoke the enemy out of their holes or to seek the demon out there, but to look inside and ask searching questions why this happened. There will be a major shift in the way the United States sees itself and relates to the world.

'Birds from the sky' caused havoc and a bird is being reborn out of the ashes.

Make no mistake, every chart has challenges to overcome and overall the chart for the USA is blessed. George Bush can and will regalvanise the country and the American Bald Eagle must be transformed into a mythical Phoenix out of the ashes.

The symbolism and synchronicity of the attack

Within 24 hours of Western Stock markets tumbling to three year lows, the World Trade Twin Towers - symbols of western prosperity and commerce - crumples. Shares going into free-fall are paralelled by the structural collapse. I am not an expert on Tarot cards, though it conjures up the image of the Tower and the associated problems.

For astrology to work, the planetary energies of particular time are expressed in a variety of parallel ways. This is Carl Jung's concept of synchronicity.

Another example of devastation coinciding with a stock market collapse in October 1997. The next day a hurricane swept across southern England. The path of this freak weather pattern symbolically swept over the dwellings of those who had most profited from a boom market tying in with outer planets conjoining in Capricorn. But this time around the destruction was no 'act of God' - the opposite.

Random facts or significant coincidences: Twins and 911

Is it significant that planets in the dual sign of Gemini and the ruler of Gemini, Mercury [Rising] should be prominent in the demise of the Twin towers?

Is it significant or random that the date is 9-11 - the same number as the US emergency services?

The 2001 Eclipse a link to 1963 - the year of JFK's assassination the last great US tragedy that shook the world

Another ominous warning was the Eclipsed Full Moon on July 5th, 2001 right on the US Sun in 8th house and on George W. Bush's Sun. This eclipse last occurred here in 1982 when Isreal invaded the Lebanon and drove the PLO out of Beirut - putting the US into a controversial position with the Moslem world. The previous Full Moon eclipse was 6th July 1963, the year that J F Kennedy was assassinated.

At the time of both the 1963 and 2001 eclipse, there was a strong Chiron Mars aspect. In 1963 eclipse Mars was opposite Chiron and in 2001 eclipse, Mars was conjunct Chiron and Pluto. The link of Mars and Chiron also occurred on the day of the recent airborne attack and JFK was shot on his Chiron and Pluto Astro*Carto*Graphy lines in Dallas. In my experience, Chiron is not just about healing and becoming whole, it also is associated with injury and wounding. This experience can be the painful experience in becoming whole and in learning to heal others.

Separating the US's true friends and foes.

So many planetary influences have come together to hit the US chart. Saturn is on the US Geminian descendant - already expressed in the hung election. This is a time when the US discovers who are true friends and allies. Relations with countries will not be easy and many markers called but Saturn will bring some definition. Who is for and who is against? And with the involvement of Pluto, it will be made impossible for any country to take a middle line.

The Signs and degrees of flight are heavily stressed.

The correlation between key planets in the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius and major events involving flight is staggering. Confirmation comes repeatedly from the Wright brother's first flight on Dec. 17, 1903 [Sun, Moon, Uranus in Sag. And Pluto in Gemini] to the recent Concorde air crash [Jupiter in Gemini opposite Pluto in Sag.] Once again these signs are emphasised with a stressful Moon in Gemini and a fundamentally and structurally destructive Saturn [Ge]/Pluto [Sag] opposition on the highly sensitive US Ascendant/Descendant axis.

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