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Keep a cool head in troubled times & plan a new world role
How can we turn a crisis into evolutionary growth?
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If you value peace, eliminating the threat of terrorism has to be a just cause. World peace cannot exist while there is a threat to innocent civilians of the world. Western democracies (notably Britain and the United States) believe that freedom from this intolerable threat can only be achieved by waging a war on the apparent source of the threat and peripheral supporters.

But the planetary line-up of Saturn opposite Pluto suggests that this crisis is also an opportunity for us in the West to learn. We are forced to confront our own limitations. It is time for the West especially Britain and the US to review their role as king makers and power brokers in the world.

Does an astrologer have a right to put forward political suggestions?
If astrology is to be more than an intellectual game where we simply marvel at how the pieces fit together, surely astrologers are as qualified as anyone to help shape this vital new role. Must this job be done by politicians, civil servants and generals alone? Astrologers may not have the power but many have the knowledge, insight and experience to explore the potential for world transformation.

We are at a unique moment in history where those with 90% of the power and wealth are seeking real answers. Behind the bravado of flag waving, westerners are bravely asking questions they have never considered before.

Are people in the west more receptive now?
I am not just saying this because I have watched CNN 24/7 breaking news and surfed the web. Nor is it based simply on exchanging extensive email with a Muslim woman in Iran, a Vietnamese born Roman Catholic priest in the USA and a Jewish American in prison in Australia or attended Protestant sermons in our local church in the Isle of Man. I have done all that.

What has helped me to sense western public opinion is that since Sept.11, I have circulated and worked as an astrologer with large numbers of the public in the UK [London and Manchester] and the USA [Washington DC and Philadelphia, PA]. I have also flown in the 'planes, seen the blasted Pentagon, and been into DC government buildings.

The Basic Astrological Background
Pluto in Sagittarius
represents an entrenched world-view: the purity of religious fundamentalism, or that the success and benefits of the American way and cultural melting pot could be replicated world-wide or extreme political correctness.

Saturn in Gemini is the reality that there are local identities, regional cultures and boundaries. These limitations define the mind-set of the press and hinder open dialogue.

In 2001, these two planetary energies were ranged in opposition to each other along the most crucial and sensitive angle in the chart of the USA.

Besides cultural and religious territorial control, these two mutable signs also symbolically rule air transportation, journalism and the postal system. These are the battle arenas for a moral high ground.

Better to die on our feet, than live on our knees.

It is hard to get a perspective on the Anthrax bio-chemical terrorism. The fatality and injury rate suggests it is a small blip on the graph when compared to the statistical mountains for heart disease, motor accidents, or violent crime. But the psychological effect of this new menace and its future possibilities has brought some parts of the world to a standstill. [Our Whole Life Expos planned for Boston, Los Angeles and Chicago in the Autumn have been cancelled. Though Philadelphia Body Mind Spirit went ahead successfully!]

Disrupting our lives is the result the terrorists want. When we look back on this troubled time, will we wonder why we reacted in the way we did? A small number of people are pushing our buttons to provoke a reaction. It is a time to keep a cool head and to live as normal but with a healthy awareness of all danger.

In handling the problem, we have to re-think the rules of engagement. Forget retribution, revenge, or an eye-for-an-eye. We are being drawn into a cycle of violence that has to be broken. It's a game where every player is a loser.

I am not saying protecting the world from the 'cancer' of fundamentalist terrorism is not noble action. It is. But we are now forced to perform 'radical surgery' because we (as world doctors) were never able to heal the 'dysfunction' when it first became malignant. In fact our actions inflamed the condition.

If we westerners feel it is our duty to act as World Doctor and Cop, we must take a long hard look in the mirror. Only then, will we think twice before interfering in another country's internal affairs.

Our actions will provoke a reaction. So if we are to act, we must clean up our act.

Pluto demands the West transforms from inside. How?
  1. While we pollute the Earth both physically and spiritually, can we truly claim to hold the moral high ground? Is it not our duty as human beings sharing this small planet to reduce fossil fuel emissions? If we want to bring about justice leading to world peace, let's adopt a responsible attitude towards cultural pollution by restricting invasive and insensitive marketing and tourism overseas.
  2. Is it sensible to arm and train foreign militants to fight uncertain causes in far flung countries especially as history has shown they have a habit of turning their weapons against us? Bin Laden was trained by the US to fight the Soviets. Saddam Hussein was armed by Britain and the US to fight Iran.
  3. Is it in our best interest to promote or oust leaders or regimes in foreign countries like Noriega, Allende or puppet monarchs when they may turn to become foes or a liability? Let the UN decide whether democracy/ proportional representation is appropriate in the new multi-cultural post-war Afghanistan.
  4. Is the western way of life and western religion superior or even appropriate to the foreign cultures and lands? Christianity and capitalism have internal contradictions that need to be solved. Is it not provocative of the West encourage or subsidise churches that send missionaries on a program of conversion to countries with a strong religious tradition?
  5. Can we justify censuring countries who to our eyes have an unacceptable record on human and democratic rights until we ourselves have cleaned up our record on crime, drugs, hooliganism and violence? Do trade embargoes, military threats and manipulation undermine oppression as much as open communication, trade and leading by example? Surely the strength of our truth will eventually win the day?

Robert Currey

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