Seismic Astrology
An astrological theory for measuring earthquakes.
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How to assess potential for high seismic activity. Earthquakes appear to occur more frequently when Saturn and Uranus are strong. This theory is based on limited observation and this formula is an attempt to get an objective measure of each quake. It is an experiment where I want answers rather than an attempt to prove a theory. It may be a false-trail or it may require some tinkering to solidify the theory. I am only interested in astrology that works.

How does it work? What I mean by Saturn and Uranus is strong is when these planets are aspecting each other or forming aspects to other planets. Hard aspects: conjunction, opposition and square angles are stronger than soft trines and sextiles. Also, planets in the sign of Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) and in Aquarius (ruled by Aquarius) add to the significance. Finally, Saturn or Uranus on the angles is significant. I have not considered planets in the 10th or 11th houses connected with Saturn and Uranus.

So, how points are scored:
Saturn or Uranus Value 5
Ascendant & Angles Value 5
Other planets including Chiron Value 3

Saturn in Aquarius 12
Uranus in Capricorn 12
Saturn/Uranus Hard Aspect to each other (5+5) x 2=20
Saturn/Uranus Soft Aspect to each other (5+5) x 1=10
Other planets including Chiron In Capricorn or Aquarius 3
Saturn or Uranus On an angle 5 x 2=10
Saturn or Uranus in hard aspect to another planet (5+3)=8
Saturn or Uranus in soft aspect to another planet 5

Note on 'other planet' weighting: Partly based on symbolism of the planet and the physical size relative to distance from the Earth, I would consider that the Sun and Moon and possibly Mercury, Mars and Pluto have a greater impact than Venus or Neptune.

Here's a ranking for the Haiti (Jan 12 2010) earthquake, the Tsunami in the Indian Ocean (Dec 26 2004, 07:59 IST, Aceh, Indonesia) and 911:-
Saturn Influence Haiti Tsunami 911
Ascendant in Capricorn 0 10 0
Sun in Capricorn 3 3 0
Mercury in Capricorn 3 00
Venus in Capricorn 3 0 0
Mars in Capricorn 0 0 3
Chiron in Capricorn 0 3 0
Saturn on AC, IC, DC or MC 10 10 0
Sun square Saturn 00 8
Mercury square Saturn 80 0
Mercury trine Saturn 00 5
Saturn opposite Chiron 0 8 0
Saturn opposite Pluto 00 8
Total 27 34 24
Uranus influence Haiti Tsunami 911
Uranus in Aquarius 0 0 5
Jupiter in Aquarius 3 0 0
Chiron in Aquarius 3 0 0
Neptune in Aquarius 33 3
Uranus square Mars 0 8 0
Uranus sextile Sun 5 5 0
Uranus sextile Venus 5 0? 0
Uranus opposite/square Venus 0 8 8
Uranus trine Moon 0 0 3
Uranus square Moon 0 5 0
Total 19 29 19
Other influences Haiti Tsunami 911
Node on MC/IC AC/DC 0 5 ?
Planets in 11th House ? 4 ?
Planets in 10th House ? 1 ?

The lowest of the two figures: Haiti=19 and Tsunami=21 is the ranking for the earthquake. Why the lower figure? The rank is based on the strength of both Saturn and Uranus. Uranus is the push for change and Saturn is the resistance to change. I believe the magnitude of an earthquake is stronger when both energies are opposing each other.
Robert Currey
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Astrology and the Sugar Markets Since March 2009, we have been documenting the increased risk of Earthquakes and seismic activity while Saturn (control) opposes Uranus (spontaneous, unrestricted) at various times in 2009 & 2010.

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